Montag, 12. November 2018



I may be crucified one more time,
I won't stop.
I am coming Home,
my Father's Love is leading me.
He knows every step
and let's me liberate all Beings
from the traumatic nightmare of separation.
All dharmas are marked with emptiness,
all will be touched by His Love
and awakened by His Grace.

Samstag, 3. November 2018

Dawn of a new Era

Peace, Democracy and Sustainability are dependent in this World on being independent from this World. Blessed are those who see with depth & clarity into this World and liberate themselves & each other. For they are the new leadership by Evolution of human consciousness.

Blessed and liberated are those who see that this world can neither give  anything nor take away anything.
For they will lead Humanity into a Sustainable Future of Peace and Justice.

Mittwoch, 3. Oktober 2018

Das Rad des Samsara

Ich kehre um, heim; ich reise zurück nach Hause.
Das ist neu, ungewohnt, irritierend.
Ich selbst sein zu dürfen, nicht anders sein zu müssen ist erfüllend, befreiend.
Das konditionierte Ich ist traumatisiert, ein mentales Konstrukt des Versagens, der kontinuierlichen Selbst-Bestätigung von Verlust und Wiedererlangen, nur um wieder zu verlieren.
Darin gibt es keine Lösung und Erlösung, nur davon, eine mentale Blase, die platzt, wenn ich sie nicht mehr füttere.
Daher kann es mir gar nicht anders gehen als jetzt, zwischen Verlust und Wiedererlangen, die ständige Wiederholung des menschlichen Ur-Traumas der Selbstablehnung, konzeptionell getäuscht, mit und in der Angst mich selbst so zu sehen, wie ich wirklich bin.
Ich fühle Einklang mit Angst, Verlust und Selbstablehnung. Hier haben Sie Ihren Platz, hier gehören sie hin, hier dürfen sie als mentale Konstrukte sein.
Zuhause ist kein Platz für sie, dort können Sie nicht existieren.
Alles darf jetzt so sein, wie es ist.

Freitag, 28. September 2018

A Sustainable Vision

A Sustainable Economy will be borne
out of loving kindness, without any thorne,
With values and a savoir-vivre-speed,
that will satisfy all we need.

Now is the time of Human Transition
use your Intuition combined with Vision,
In Love there is no loss or gain,
In Love we Human Beings are all the same.

To Him who created us this way
His will is not that we decay
If we remember who we are
planet earth will be shining like a star.

Man's Eternal Quest

What is this Hole
in our Human Soul,
that we try to feed
with endless greed?

What is this pain
that makes us insane,
running after matter
without getting better?

What is this growth
that kills us both,
a delusion to achieve
that leaves us in grief?

What is this fear
to hide every tear,
the fate of Human Race
to deny our true face?

What is now awaking
that brings a new breaking,
the return of what we want most
it has been with us, the host!

Love cannot be withdrawn or lost
it is what we are, no matter the cost,
the world cannot afford its price
who sees the real treasure will be wise.

Mittwoch, 5. September 2018

Prayer for Awakening

Dear human being! If you just knew what you are running away from, escaping from, distracting yourself from, that it is not something evil or threatening, that it is the treasure you are, you would end up all longing and suffering instantly, sustainably. May you wake up in Love!

Samstag, 25. August 2018

Love & Compassion

Overcoming the concepts & expectations we throw upon each other & ourselves, we can see a suffering in each human being, at the root & as the root of identity, based on feelings of loss, lacking & unworthiness. You cannot demand anything from such a being, you can only give!