Sonntag, 11. Juni 2017

3 simple Steps to change the World

Avoiding change for 45 years (Limits to Growth; Degrowth) and 30 years (Brundtland; Sustainability) causes big and still increasing Suffering for You, Me, Others, Earth, Presence & Future. We are responsible!
To take responsibility as sovereign citizens I suggest for the next 3 years:
1. No new X-Mas gifts!
2. No new cars (only E)
3. Cut expenses by 10-20%
These 3 steps will change the world beyond control by politics, economics, media or anyone: Sufficiency is the Antidot for the growth and greed driven economic destructiveness and will lead to Degrowth and Happiness.

Donnerstag, 1. Juni 2017

2 Realisations beyond Enlightenment and Sustainability

The last thing the Ego (Self) wants and ever wanted is Enlightenment. Though I keep thinking I am longing for it since more than 20 years, it`s a fallacy! So typical for the Self. It did everything to avoid it with the delicious carrot right in front of my face. Correct the upside-down Ego-truths and you will get profound insights about them.

Almost at the same time I have realised that Sustainability will not be achieved for mankind. In spite of all the external efforts again I could say it´s the last thing the Self wants and ever wanted: Sufficiency sounds like pure Suffering in the logic of the Self and Greed for more sounds like pure Happiness!

This essential ignorance has not been cured yet, therefore we are not really progressing except into the Climate-Age of Post-Sustainability.

Regardless of that failure let`s make wholesome steps now and correct the Ego-beliefs about Happiness for our own good and well-being: We are already addicted to Suffering and therefore inwardly blocked. We cannot let go and be free as long as we cling to that Ego-based Identity.

But in the Presence of Awareness (Mindfulness) and by Understanding the empty Nature of the Self and its World there is Freedom: clearly an impersonal one, how could Freedom ever be possessed by the Ego? Nothing of any Value, nothing Real can be hold in its claws. That creates a lot of Anger, Frustration and Depression for the Ego and a lot of Peace for the Real World.

Welcome, Real World!