Freitag, 29. Dezember 2017

Release From Guilt

Can you expect to use your brothers as a means to "solve" the past, and still to see them as they really are? Salvation is not found by those who use their brothers to resolve problems that are not there.

A Course In Miracles T-13.X.4

Behold the Son of God, and look upon his purity and be still. In quiet look upon his holiness, and offer thanks unto his Father that no guilt has ever touched him.

A Course In Miracles T-13.X.11

Mittwoch, 27. Dezember 2017

Self-Illusion and Disillusion

"Perhaps the greatest enemy to authentic awakening is (...) our utterly unfounded belief in our own spotless virtue."
"When I experienced these failures and derelictions in myself, something extraordinary happened. I felt with an intensity I had never felt before the extravagance of the mercy and forgiveness of God, and I knew, with a clarity that made me break down in wonder, that what I was discovering with shame and great distress, the Divine had always known and forgiven."
"When you face your own evil, you are rewarded with the knowledge of just how unconditional God's Love is and just how miraculously this infinite Love will work on the small parts in you that are sincere and devoted, however shaky and compromised they may be, to work its resurrection."
Andrew Harvey, The Hope, p.96f

Indeed, I see how my ego-driven self-righteousness eventually leads to an imagined attack against my own kin of the Divine Family as long as I allow the ego to run my thoughts and beliefs unaware in the darkness of my sub-consciousness.
And I see how the Holy Spirit is rendering these thoughts and beliefs to the Light of Awareness and Knowledge so that they can be corrected by the Divine Truth if I just allow Him to look at them instead of hiding them in the darkness any further.

Samstag, 23. Dezember 2017

Inside and outside the Projection

Dear Brothers and Sisters!

It is getting clearer and clearer to me that this world of forms has just one single purpose: To hide the Truth about ourselves, the Truth about who we really are.

The means is the body, very limited, insecure, always in danger and subjected to decay and death and thereby justifying all the fears in the world and the greed for power. The body is the prison for the consciousness to believe it is powerless in spite of the fact that this very consciousness is the projector and thereby creator of this world of forms.

The whole complex of the projection therefore is an attack against ourselves, an imprisonment, an enslavement by an ignorance out of which greed and fear grow and dominate ourselves and the world of forms.

The way to change anything in this world for the better is always to fight against the evil, it is always attack or counterstrike, which is the continuation of the belief in the existence and relevance of the projection taking it for real and calling for our action and precious attention.

But this attention is the fuel for the projection, attack is its fundament, to believe in its existence and problems builds the fortress of the protection against the Truth. Any business we believe to have in this world just keeps us occupied in order not to see what it this world made of.

Any problem that we might have is just the worldˋs witness to prove the attack that we are stuck here and need to give our full attention to the world. By doing so we confirm our own imprisonment through the projection of the world which could not exist any single moment without our belief in it. Therefore it constantly needs our attention. Deluding ourselves that we give it for the good and better is nothing but the sweetness of seduction.

The moment we start to understand and liberate our consciousness the dynamics of the world cannot bind us any longer.

Only a complete withdrawal of any belief in this world of forms, a complete rejection that we have any business to do with this world can liberate ourselves from the nightmare of being a helpless body within the projection. After all, a projection is a projection. We may also call it illusion or dream. Once we wake up it is gone.

Do you understand me? For it is this understanding that is essential for our collective awakening.

Mittwoch, 20. Dezember 2017

Midwinter: The Holy Spirit and the Shadow of who I am

Not believing in who I am, I looked at my Father's gift in my hands, the Holy Spirit, and I allowed the shadow of who I am to decide and to throw Him into the darkness of Life to have the Holy Spirit extinguished forever.
But miraculously, rays of Light returned to me from that darkness, dispelling and enlightening the darkness. Looking at my hands again, the Holy Spirit was still there, smiled at me and said: "I am your Father's gift, I cannot leave you. Like your Father cannot leave you and you cannot leave Him. Therefore there will be always Light wherever you are and wherever you go."
"That sounds awesome, but what about the shadow of who I am?" I found myself asking the Holy Spirit wondering whether this was a proper way to deal with Him. Shouldn't I just bow to Him with devotion?
Yet the Holy Spirit seemed to enjoy the challenge: "Great question! What is the quality of the shadow of who you are?" he asked me back.
Without thinking much I instantly replied "destruction".
"Well, then let's make best use of it, invite the shadow of who you are to destroy all illusions about yourself, life and reality", suggested the Holy Spirit.
"Isn't that kind of crazy to give that power to the shadow of who I am?" I worried.
"It is indeed totally crazy of you to believe your illusions would leave you while you are still attached to them", shared the Holy Spirit. "The shadow of who you are is your best and in fact only weapon to destroy your own illusions. By using the destructive nature of the shadow of who you are to destroy your own illusions of who you are you acknowledge his rightful place in your own creation. Let him leave nothing behind except what is real, the indestructible Truth, that cannot be destroyed. You will see, that after having fulfilled his purpose, the shadow of who you are will be satisfied and at peace. And I will be resting as well, because you will be at home again, waking up and realising that you have been at your Father's side all the time. You just need me to see the difference between reality and illusion. Right now you are so deluded that you wouldn't even know what needs to be destroyed as an illusion. Therefore I am guiding you if you just agree to let me" explained the Holy Spirit to me with such a Love and compassion that I even didn't feel insulted or ashamed having my ignorance exposed so clearly.

Sonntag, 17. Dezember 2017

The Hope, the Mind-Behaviour-Gap und die dunkle Seite der Macht

Ein offenes Bekenntnis, das ich gerade in „The Hope“ von Andrew Harvey gelesen habe.

„In the early 90s I was at a meeting in New York with several of the leading organizers of what was to be the U.N. Conference on Environment and Development in Rio. A quiet, handsome, well-dressed man in his 40s took me aside afterward and introduced himself as the head of a major agribusiness corporation. He said, „I have something very important to tell you, and I will pay for the joy of telling it to you by offering you lunch.“
At lunch the next day, he cut to the chase: „Rio will accomplish absolutely nothing because you good-doers are so naive about the real world. Most of you that I have met truly believe that if the CEOs – like me, for instance – really knew what harm their corporation policies were doing, they would rend their Armani suits, fling out their Rolex-wreathed arms, burst into tears, and change. This is madness and shows how little you dare to know about what is really going on. And how can you even begin to be effective until you understand what you are up against?
Let me tell you what you are up against. You are up against people like me. I know exactly what my company is doing and what devastation it is causing to thousands of lives. I should know; I am running it. I know and I do not care. I have decided I wand a grand gold-plated lifestyle and the perks and jets and houses that go with it and I will do anything – bend the law, have people `removed´, bribe local governmental officials, you name it – to get what I want. I know, too, that none of my shareholders care a rat`s ass what I do or how I do it, providing I keep them swimming in cash.
I said that you were up against people like me. That is true in one sense, but not in another. Because the truth is that I am in you too. A part of you is like me, just as ruthless and dedicated to your own selfish agenda. But you can dress up this ruthlessness as your `mission´ and never unmask the lust for power that might be lurking behind your righteous facade.
What limits all so-called seekers and activists that I meet is that they both shy away from the full realization of the power of the dark. The seekers I meet are, frankly, `bliss bunnies´, about as useful in the real world as a rubber ball would be in a war. The activists I know enjoy denouncing others but aren`t at all in the business of unmasking their own destructiveness, or the self-destructiveness of their dreary and banal self-righteousness.
The bliss-bunnyhood of seekers and the offensive self-righteousness of activists make it very easy for people like me to control the world. I know too, by the way, that the dark forces I play with are playing with me. I am under no illusion that I will not someday have to pay the price. Don`t the French say, `The devil has no friends`? I`m willing to pay that price in return for the pleasure of being able to afford this restaurant, in return for being able to ring up the president of the United States in front of house-guests to impress them. Am I getting through to you?“

Andrew Harvey folgert selbst daraus an anderer Stelle: „On the other hand, an activism that is not purified by profound spiritual and psychological self-awareness and rooted in divine truth, wisdom, and compassion will only perpetuate the problem it is trying to solve, however righteous its intentions. When, however, the deepest and most grounded spiritual vision is married to a practical and pragmatic drive to transform all existing political, economic and social institutions, a holy force – the power of wisdom and love in action – is born.”

Dieser CEO scheint zumindest kein Gap zu haben!

So wie ich die Zusammenhänge zwischen individuellem Bewusstsein und der Wahrnehmung von Wirklichkeit verstehe, kann ich hier sehr viel über mich selbst lernen. Nicht auf meine `bösen´ Mitmenschen, die scheinbar nicht so `gut´ wie ich sind, zu zeigen und sie zu belehren, was sie machen, kaufen und konsumieren sollen und was nicht. Das ist auch eine dunkle Form von Macht und Gewalt über sie, aber keine konstruktive, die meine Mitmenschen annimmt und mitnimmt, sie animiert und inspiriert. Sie ist eine dunkle, durch die ich mich selbst über sie erhebe, ihnen ein schlechtes Gewissen mache, also etwas Dunkles in ihnen anspreche, anstatt mir unsere wechselseitige Verbundenheit in universeller Gleichheit durch Liebe, Güte, Mitgefühl und Vergebung selbst bewusst zu machen und uns dadurch gegenseitig zu ermächtigen.
Das Spiel des Egos ist so verführerisch, dass ich Andrew Harveys Einsicht teile, dass es ohne eine zielgerichtete wirksame spirituelle Praxis, sich davon zu befreien, keine nachhaltige Transformation der Welt gibt.
Die `dunkle Seite der Macht´ in mir ist jedoch nur solange dunkel, wie ich sie als blinden Fleck behandele und in die Dunkelheit verdränge, psychologisch gesprochen ins Unbewusste. Da dieses Unbewusste jedoch weiterhin in meinem Geist verbleibt, beeinflusst es mich – nun wie von mir herbeigeführt – unbewusst und konkurriert mit meinen bewussten Zielen und Absichten. Und voilà, fertig ist mein eigener Mind-Behaviour-Gap!

Diese Erläuterungen befinden sich genau auf dem schmalen Grät zwischen Belehrung des Geistes meiner Mitmenschen und Erleuchtung der Dunkelheit meines Geistes.
Ich hoffe, ich konnte die wechselseitige Verbundenheit, die ich empfinde, liebevoll zum Ausdruck bringen. Dann werden wir die nicht nur einseitige, sondern beidseitige Ermächtigung spüren, die aus dieser Verbundenheit erwächst.

Sonntag, 12. November 2017


Dear Ego! Your shadow is only there because of the Sun. I am the Sun! That's THE Solution to all Problems :) MAY ALL YOU SUNS UNITE NOW!

Samstag, 28. Oktober 2017

Identity Crisis?

At some point, all personal and spiritual growth and development comes down to a single question: "Do I believe that I need the Ego in order to live and survive in this world (successfully)?"
Everything else is and will be depending on the answer!
One answer is the source of all conflicts, the other the source of Letting go, Liberation and Awakening.

Donnerstag, 26. Oktober 2017

Identity under Investigation

Being again under the guidance of the Course in Miracles the Ego gets shakened and stirred up from the bottom of the imagined Self. It cannot be part of the Real! Now it's as furious as helpless because what can it affect except thoughts and feelings? And even the conflicts it creates by believing in it are not stable, not reliable. That may sound like a reason to trust in it and hope for a better future, but actually it shows its empty substancelessness and ineffectiveness. It cannot create anything stable and reliable which deserves to be considered to be real and trustworthy. Hence it cannot fulfill any purpose but chaos and confusion.
And here the Buddha is kicking in and building an irresistible combination with the Christ. Love and Wisdom are revealing the true Nature of the Change and the Unchanging. The fog will eventually evaporate in the Sun.
My beloved Saviours, I sincerely believe and trust that you will take me back home together. May you bless my Awakening within the Awakening of the World.

Samstag, 14. Oktober 2017

Reanimation der Demokratie

Meine Vorab-Analyse zur morgigen Wahl in Österreich: Bereits zu Schulzeiten war für mich erkennbar, dass die Werte der Demokratie in der Gesellschaft gar nicht gelebt werden. Ich habe die Demokratie bislang nirgends gefunden! Ein verlorener Krieg und eine jahrzehntelange Flucht in Wirtschaftswachstum machen aus Menschen noch lange keine überzeugten Demokraten. Wie schnell die Demokratie nun von der Mitte aufgegeben wird und diese nach rechts rückt, bestätigt mir in schockierender und alarmierender Weise meine Wahrnehmung, dass die Werte Freiheit, Gleichheit, Gerechtigkeit, Solidarität in Individuum und Gesellschaft reanimiert werden müssen. Stattdessen fokussiert sich aber die öffentliche und politische Aufmerksamkeit auf die Entwicklung am rechtsextremen Rand und jeder systemische Coach weiß heutzutage, dass wir das stärken, worauf wir unsere Aufmerksamkeit richten. Wir wollen und werden also nach rechts rücken. Gott bewahre uns vor der Wiederholung der Geschichte. Nur dass diesmal auch gleichzeitig mit Hochdruck an der ökologischen Existenzgrundlage gesägt wird. Apokalypse now! Für die gegenwärtige Politik bedeutet meine Sichtweise der systemischen Nachhaltigkeit und Spiritualität daher einen Bewusstseinswandel mit einer Umkehr um 180 Grad. Ich stelle mir daher die Grundsatzfrage, ob die Politik und ich uns einander zumutbar sind.
Daher meine neue Idee einer neuen Graswurzel-APO freier und unabhängiger Bürger, die Verantwortung für sich und die Menschheit übernehmen. Dafür ist ein global koordiniertes dezentrales Netzwerk von Initiativen erforderlich, um das eigene Schicksal miteinander in die Hände zu nehmen.

Samstag, 16. September 2017

Christus in allen

Lange habe ich nchts mehr über die Ich-Entwicklung geschrieben, letztendlich entwickelt sich das Ich auch nicht. Und wem kann ich kommunizieren, wer ist da draußen, wenn alles drinnen ist?

Wenn die Vergänglichkeit als Realität fällt, bleibt nichts übrig. Nichts aus der Sicht der Wahrnehmung, doch alles in Wirklichkeit. Wenn das Bewusstsein sich nicht mehr an Projektionen bindet, läuft sich die Identität aus, bis ihr Karma erschöpft ist, alle Sankharas in ihrer vergänglichen Gleichheit und Unwirklichkeit erkannt sind. Dann bleibt Christus übrig, in allen, ohne Hindernisse und Ausnahmen.

Es ist eine Entscheidung, sich zu trauen, angstfrei zu leben. Nicht sich selbst zu sein ist die Urangst des Egos, denn was könnte für Illusionen sonst wahr sein?

Ich habe wieder mit dem Kurs in Wundern begonnen. Christus führt mich zum Buddha, sie sind beide da, in mir, in uns allen. Du bist Christus. In Dir etwas anderes zu sehen ist Ego, Trennung, Leiden. Das ist unsere Wahl. Für unser eigene Erlösung, unsere Mitmenschen und die der Erde.

Das Ich kennt keine Freiheit, es gibt keine Freiheit des Ichs, es gibt nur eine Freiheit vom Ich. Das Ich will sich stattdessen vom Du und der Erde befreien, wodurch es sich selbst bekämpft. Konflikt ist sein Ursprung, Konflikt ist seine Natur. Heilung ist daher immer vom Ich, niemals des Ichs.

Verkehrtes Bewusstsein ist eine Erkenntnisart. Das Ich-Bewusstsein sieht die Wirklichkeit grundlegend verkehrt, daher gibt es viel zu erkennen. Es kommt das Zeitalter der Spiritualität, der Erlösung durch Selbsterkenntnis bzw. Nicht-Selbsterkenntnis eines dauerhaften Ichs.

Bewusstseinswandel bedeutet nur an der Oberfläche, gute Dinge zu tun und dadurch einen Unterschied zu bilden. So gut bio, fair trade, saisonal und regional als Ernährungsweise auch sind, sie pflanzen die Trennung fort und damit die Konflikte. Tiefgreifender Bewusstseinswandel vereint statt zu trennen, davor haben wir Angst. Die innere Leere wird dann mit der Außenwelt gefüttert, zusammen eine im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes phantastische Illusion. Trauen wir uns, sie zu durchdringen, zu durchschreiten.

In der eigenen Entscheidung, sich zu trauen, wird das wir vollzogen. Die Wahrnehmung folgt dem Geist, dem Bewusstsein. Wow, was für eine Wahrheit! Was wird geschehen? "Because there is no attainment, the Bodhisattvas, supported by the Perfection of Understanding, find no obstacles for their minds. Having no obstacles, they overcome fear, liberating themselves forever from illusion and realizing perfect Nirvana."

Hindernisse selbst sind Illusion. Die Wahl kann daher nur Liebe heißen. Jedes andere Urteil ist Unwissenheit, Anhaftung, Angst.

Christus in mir wird sich als Christus in allen offenbaren. Wie könnte es anders sein? Dazu dient der Kurs, dazu dient die Achtsamkeits- und Einsichtsmeditation der Leerheit. Christus führt mich zum Buddha und umgekehrt. Es ist Sein Heilsplan, Sein Wille, der geschieht.

Samstag, 12. August 2017

Mahasatipatthana Sutra

...and thus he develops Awareness to such an extent that there is mere Understanding along with mere Awareness. In this way he abides detached without clinging or craving towards anything in this World of Mind and Matter.


Seeing the Emptiness in all Perceptions the Great Secret of Life is revealing itself.
The Fears and Doubts are melting away. Even the Fear of the big Nothingness if I let go.
Perceptions cannot change what is Real. That's Freedom. Therefore I am free to go.
No more waiting for someone else to give comfort, no more impatience because of
someone else's slowliness.
The Restlessness of not Finding any Satisfactoriness in this World of Mind and Matter comes to an End. There is nothing to be found. The Revelation of Liberation.
What a Blessing!
Going Home is Being Home.
Finally I am there.

Samstag, 5. August 2017


Awakening is being aware of change.
Awakening is being aware of emptiness.
Awakening is being aware of anatta.
Awakening is letting Love flow in.

The Form of Love

Love has taken a form.
The Form has a name.
But it's still Love.

Freitag, 21. Juli 2017

Nothing to achieve in the beautiful Nothingness

In this world of mind and matter we are crazy to achieve something in order to be someone or become someone better than before or others. With awareness of the empty nature of mind and matter I rather enjoy the beautiful nothingness in each moment as no one.

Hence the identification with the Self does not lead to any good. It leads away from all the good.

All the labels we put on ourself and others are mere phantasies and distractions.

Indeed, we are all selfless brothers and sisters beyond form.

Sonntag, 11. Juni 2017

3 simple Steps to change the World

Avoiding change for 45 years (Limits to Growth; Degrowth) and 30 years (Brundtland; Sustainability) causes big and still increasing Suffering for You, Me, Others, Earth, Presence & Future. We are responsible!
To take responsibility as sovereign citizens I suggest for the next 3 years:
1. No new X-Mas gifts!
2. No new cars (only E)
3. Cut expenses by 10-20%
These 3 steps will change the world beyond control by politics, economics, media or anyone: Sufficiency is the Antidot for the growth and greed driven economic destructiveness and will lead to Degrowth and Happiness.

Donnerstag, 1. Juni 2017

2 Realisations beyond Enlightenment and Sustainability

The last thing the Ego (Self) wants and ever wanted is Enlightenment. Though I keep thinking I am longing for it since more than 20 years, it`s a fallacy! So typical for the Self. It did everything to avoid it with the delicious carrot right in front of my face. Correct the upside-down Ego-truths and you will get profound insights about them.

Almost at the same time I have realised that Sustainability will not be achieved for mankind. In spite of all the external efforts again I could say it´s the last thing the Self wants and ever wanted: Sufficiency sounds like pure Suffering in the logic of the Self and Greed for more sounds like pure Happiness!

This essential ignorance has not been cured yet, therefore we are not really progressing except into the Climate-Age of Post-Sustainability.

Regardless of that failure let`s make wholesome steps now and correct the Ego-beliefs about Happiness for our own good and well-being: We are already addicted to Suffering and therefore inwardly blocked. We cannot let go and be free as long as we cling to that Ego-based Identity.

But in the Presence of Awareness (Mindfulness) and by Understanding the empty Nature of the Self and its World there is Freedom: clearly an impersonal one, how could Freedom ever be possessed by the Ego? Nothing of any Value, nothing Real can be hold in its claws. That creates a lot of Anger, Frustration and Depression for the Ego and a lot of Peace for the Real World.

Welcome, Real World!

Montag, 22. Mai 2017

Ego World

The entire world of human perception is ego based. If I think that I am different - better or worse - it's ego again!
Within change this truth does not change. And the ego cannot perceive anything but change. Therefore a perception can never prove any Truth but the Truth of change.

How much substance or essence can there be in change?
The essence of change must be substanceless: Emptiness!

Every breath contains the Truth of substanceless to the ego.
Every breath contains the Truth of unsatisfactoriness to the ego.
Every breath contains the Truth of the ego world.

Breathe mindfully, Daniel!

Freitag, 12. Mai 2017


Es war einmal ein Zeltlager im Jahre 1996 des Herrn. Im Bewusstsein von vier GCLern geschah zur gleichen Zeit an zwei Orten in unmittelbarer Nähe eine ebenso spontane wie für mich letztendlich einschneidende Veränderung. Meine Wahrnehmung war durchdrungen von Weisheit und Mitgefühl, das Ich überflutet von Liebe und Frieden, wie ich es nie zuvor auch nur annähernd erlebt habe.
Nach 20 Jahren der Suche nach Wiederholung und Erklärung habe ich im "Leitfaden für die Lebensweise eines Bodhisattvas"  (Wie man ein sinnvolles und selbstloses Leben genießt) folgende Definitionen gefunden:
"Bodhisattva: Jemand, der spontanen Bodhichitta entwickelt hat, aber noch kein Buddha geworden ist."
"Bodhichitta: Sanskrit für Erleuchtungsgeist."
Was meint ihr dazu? Hilft euch diese Erklärung weiter? Verbirgt sich dahinter eventuell sogar eine Bestimmung, die nicht zu erfüllen mich zwangsläufig unglücklich sein lässt?
Ich persönlich glaube ja und habe meine Entscheidung getroffen, nach nun einigen gescheiterten Versuchen, ein "normales" Leben zu führen, mich voll und ganz der Erfüllung zu widmen. Da stehe ich nun, wenn auch subjektiv empfunden ziemlich allein. Denn wer könnte das schon verstehen? Ihr vielleicht?

Sonntag, 7. Mai 2017

The Self and the Reality

The Self believes to have the power to change reality through its own actions.
But in spite of the deceiving perception that the impermanent can dispel the permanent it cannot.
A perception cannot change a fact like closing my eyes in the sunshine I can perceive darkness but I cannot create darkness. As a matter of fact the sun is still shining.
Likewise the Self can neither define nor change who and what I am.
And likewise the Self cannot change my connection with truth.
Nevertheless it's convinced that the bond with its creations of impermance is stronger than the bond with permanence. In fact it is the other way round. Even better, the Self has no real bond at all. Mere Thought is its form. There is no existence of the Self independent from thought forms. Only truth is independent and self-sufficient.
Awareness and understanding of change reveal these insights with a beautiful clarity.

Dienstag, 2. Mai 2017

An der Schwelle zur Ewigkeit

Die Angst vor dem Verlust,
dem Rückzug der Liebe,
der Einsamkeit und Verlassenheit in der Welt.
Der Schmerz der Trennung,
taumelnd und baumelnd in der Leere,
die sich wie das Nichts anfühlt.
Nackt in der menschlichen Existenz,
auf der Suche nach Erlösung.

Den Schmerz der Welt in sich tragend,
nach Halt um sich greifend.
Der Versuch zu verhindern,
dass die Liebe entgleitet
und das Herz erkaltet -
Verstummt für Jahre ohne Wärme und Sonnenschein,
völlig umgeben von Dunkelheit trotz aller Güter dieser Welt.

Diesen Schmerz fühlend,
bereit ihn so-sein-zu-lassen.
In ihn hineingehend mit Zuversicht,
dass ich getragen bin von etwas, das nicht bricht.
Ich will es fühlen in jedem Augenblick,
ganz über die Schwelle treten,
ohne Umkehr und zurück.

Vater, warum hast Du mich verlassen?
Dieser Satz brennt in meiner Seele.
Die Angst, allein am Kreuz zu sterben.

Doch das Alte darf nun gehen,
in Wahrheit ist es nie geschehen.
Ich bin frei und schon immer frei gewesen,
in mir dämmert die Erlösung,
vom Kampf zwischen Gutem und Bösem.

Aus der Leere in die Fülle
ist meine Bestimmung,
zu der ich mich bekenne.
Um mich zu erkennen
und die Welt zu verwandeln,
um mich als grenzenlose Liebe zu erfahren,
in Wundern der Heilung und Vergebung.

Ich werde meine Brüder und Schwestern sehen und verstehen.
Gemeinsam werden wir heimkehren,
über die Schwelle der Ewigkeit treten.
Sein Wille geschehe.

by D7 in 2011

A short Story about the Father and His Son

Imagine the Father, God the Creator.
And imagine His son, the Son of God.

The Father is the infinite One, the unlimited One:
Infinite Love, infinite Peace, infinite Joy.

And equally God created His Son.
Because He loves to share everything He is.
And He is everything that is!

And because God is perfect and complete, He also created a finite and limited world of impermanent forms.

His Son, out of curiosity, became very much attracted towards this world of finite and limited forms and desired to experience it.

And there is no wish that the Father wouldn`t fulfill for His Son.
Therefore He created the human being for His Son as a vehicle to explore the finite and limited world.

And the Son merged with it.

To experience fully to be finite and limited as a human being the Son necessarily decided to identify with a human being.

And in order to create very realistic impressions for His Son, the Father made this finite and limited world appear to be very similar to His own infinite and unlimited Existence:
He created an almost infinite and unlimited variety of human perceptions such as thoughts, feelings, bodies, touches, tasts, sounds and smells.
And on top of it, He added an infinite-like amount of other human beings.

As the Father knew His Son would completely identify with that creation, He thought to Himself: “Hmmm, My Son might be willing to come ouf of that experience one day. Then there should be an exit.”

Though His Son could never have changed what He really is as the Son of God, He could have identified with that finite and limited existence forever.

The exit was necessary because in order to identify completely with that world His Son needed to feel disconnected from His Father and what He really is. Therefore after experiencing the finite and limited world for some time, He would feel missing His Father`s infinite Love, Peace and Joy; though, of course, it was always there, but He had decided to forget all about the Father`s Presence when He had chosen to experience to be a limited human being.

As a human being the Son became a Father-like Creator as He invented a lots of science and technology and established a lots of rules, laws and systems to organize human lives.
But there was one thing, He could not invent as a limited human being: the Infinite.
As a limited human being – even as a very skillful, intelligent and educated one – He could invent only limited things.
In 2017 He had established democracy, financial systems, science, education, employment and technology; nevertheless, of course, He could not feel fulfilled by that!
Instead of sharing the Father`s infinite Love, infinite Peace and infinite Joy, He suffered misery in every form: loneliness, sadness, doubt and depression, anger, aversion, hate and fear, egoism, crime, violence and war, sickness and, after all, death.

And the little happiness He experienced once in a while was very fragile as it descended from the finite and limited things and beings around Him.
How could the happiness remain in a finite, limited world where there is no infinity and therefore no stability and safety?
No, it could never remain.
The Son would have been lost forever.

But, fortunately, there was that exit!

The Father had decided to remain present even in that finite and limited world.
Whatever the Son would experience as a human being the Father would remain as a silent witness so that in silent moments the Son could feel His presence.
The Son would just need to stop all mental, emotional and physical activity for a moment and to listen to His Father`s silent presence.
Or just a simple wish, prayer or a cry for help would, of course, be fulfilled by the Father who would implement some signs or hints in His Son`s human life in order to help Him remember His Father`s Presence. The Son would just need to be open to see it.

Imagine the Father would have placed this exit in your life.
And imagine this could happen to You in 2017.
Right here, right now.

By D7 in 2002, updated 2017